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Endangered means theres still time! – Triangle Bird Club
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Triangle Bird Club’s goal is to inform bird owners and prospective bird owners how to provide the best care for their birds. The club is dedicated to the welfare of all species and has no prejudice against any species, size, mutations, etcetera. Triangle Bird Club is dedicated to funding and contributing to worthwhile projects promoting avian interest and the rescue of neglected, abused, unwanted, outgrown, and relocated birds. Thanks to TBC’s many members, we have no problem finding foster and permanent homes for these birds.

You are cordially invited to join us. Everyone is welcome! Speaking of Joining while we welcome you to visit the site and look around as much as you like, you can have a more rewarding experience by Registering on our website. Registration is fast and easy and entitles you to forum participation, ability to post comments, and access to other areas of the site not available to unregistered users.  Click on the Register Now! link on the user menu to the left and sign up today.


    1. Let me do some checking to see if I can find someone with Tame Cockatiel babies at this time. Have you check ABC Pets? You can Talk with Jamie or Barry and maybe they can help you.

      ABC Birds

      1 review on Yelp

      Pet Supply·

      Closed. Will open today at 10:00 AM·10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

      Birds and supplies. Cages, food, toys and tame, hand-fed birds. Boarding, bird grooming and behavior consultations available.

      Is this your business?
      Verify your listing


      19333 Highway 59 N, Ste 275, Humble, TX.


      (281) 852-2600.

    1. Annie,

      Our Bird Fair is August,19th and 20th at the Port Arthur Civic Center. That is the same place that we have had it for many years. Please let me know if you have anymore questions.

      Andy Sanford

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